5amsa is a project initiated by Dieter van der Westen and Samira Dainan in the spring of 2015. It started with the idea of Samira participating with the band Kasba but soon it developed into a new artistic format. 5amsa consists of five musicians that all participate in the writing, composing and production of new songs. Participating musicians are Sami ra Dainan, Dieter van der Westen, Khalid Jahklal, Sami el Ghousli and Joris van Beek. All of them having a broad experience in the field of World music. Through this method of working a great variety of North African and World music styles is combined in one group and gives the band its own specific character. The music that comes out of can be characterised as acoustic North African songs that are at its best in an environment where there audience can move a bit close. The group starts performing from  January 2016 on.

North African acoustic music